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Backyard Pictures: August 31, 2023

Going clockwise. Click on image to get very large full-size image.

Deck will be replaced with patio. There will have to be a retaining wall. Windows on the back side of the house have changed.

backyard 20230831 1

Sugar maple on the left. An apple tree on the right. The apple tree is under the canopy of the black walnut, and was dying due to the junglone of the walnut. It has been removed and replaced with a scarlet oak 25' from the house and 3' from the north property line. The fence is now gone, and the yard is now two feet wider.

backyard 20230831 2

The young wild cherry is too close to the black walnut. The rock pile is in case we find a use for them.

backyard 20230831 3

Behind the shed will be the heat pump compressors. Also space for composting. Poison ivy at the left coming over the fence. That's a young black walnut in the distance. Eastern Red Cedar at the right. Wood chips will surround the shed (which will be on a raised concrete platform).

backyard 20230831 4

The apple tree at the left is not healthy. It is under the canopy of the black walnut and the juglone the walnut gives off. It will be removed
The raised garden in front of the shed will go. A brick path will lead to the doors on the left. But first, the shed has to be totally rebuilt.

backyard 20230831 5

South Garden. Lots of garlic chives. All bushes now removed.

backyard 20230831 6

South Garden. Sugar maple. Does not appear to be healthy. Likely as it is at the bottom of its range, and is now falling below its range. A victim of climate change.
All bushes now removed. The ferns alongside the neighbor's house are in their yard.

backyard 20230831 7

Rose of Sharon at the right. The ferns are the neighbor's. The garlic chives are mine. Path will not be there.

backyard 20230831 8