Sawn Balusters in Greenport Village, NY

Roberts' Illustrated Millwork Catalog 1903, page 229. Note that 1x6 nominal size in those days was 7/8" x 5-3/4". These days it is only 3/4" x 5-1/2". Making it an expensive proposition to get the board width exact.
sawed balusters Roberts 1903 p229
143 Sixth St in the past. Knowing that each baluster is 5-3/4" wide, we can estimate their height at 24", or the maximum height noted in the ad above.
Alongside is a tiny picture of the porch's post pedestal, and the best matching selected from the below. The one we will copy, from 305 Fifth St, though taller, as my balusters are taller. Click on image for large size.

143 Sixth St balusters 143 Sixth St post pedestal post pedestal

Below is what I could find extant. I biked most historical streets. I'm sure there were a lot more originally, but they rotted away and were hard to replace. More so in the past, as today we have computer controlled laser cutting. Note there is rarely a partial baluster. The first two are the same.

527 Main St.

sawcut 01

The railing has been replaced.

sawcut 08

717 Main St. Possibly now with stock posts.

sawcut 02

639 Second St.

sawcut 03

305 Fifth St./ NW corner Browne. House is circa 1890. It is not far from the twin house. In the area where Charles Corwin, our builder, liked to build. The post pedestal is the closest to what 143 Sixth St had. Similar pedestals also seen at 440 Sixth St (circa 1890-1897) and 447 Sixth St (new pedestals).

sawcut 04

sawcut 05

sawcut 06

Now with stock posts.

sawcut 07

sawcut 09

sawcut 10