Ceiling Medallions

All four ceiling medallions in the house were destroyed by the electricians when getting an electrical box installed. I was not consulted beforehand. These pictured no longer exist. The medallions could have been saved. They could have been removed, and reinstalled after the electrical.

Picture below are a mix of before demolition, and after demolition. There were only three different medallions. The dining room, and what is now the guest room, are the same. Click on the web-sized image to bring up the original-size image. Then click again to not fit to screen.

Dining Room

This shows the entire medallion. The width is 32". The length is that plus the extra pieces at the ends.

dining room medallion 1

One end is broken off.

dining room medallion 2

Guest Room

This was missing a light. The light could be what was left in the shed. This is the same mold as the dining room. Pictured here at a 90° orientation to the first dining room picture. It will not be replaced.

guest room medallion

Again, one end was broken off.

dining room medallion 3

Living Room

Likely 32" wide. Could be 36". What is lath width and spacing? The room is 13' 3" x 10' 7-3/4".

living room medallion


The shade was broken during demolition. Note how the canopy and shade holder are coordinated, and the shape of the shade holder flows with the shade.

foyer medallion